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Transparency/Translucence: We communicate openly and honestly with each other and our partners, reflecting genuine care for our mutual goals and building trust with all who we touch. As an organization and individuals, we set and communicate clear expectations and decision-making processes, and are proactive in addressing challenges we face.

Reflection: We come to our work with a sense of humility. We make space for introspection and acknowledgment of our mistakes in order to invest in self-improvement. Valuing multiple forms of wisdom, we are both confident in our own expertise and able to support the leadership of our colleagues and allies. 

Accountability: We honor our commitments to each other, our partners, the communities we serve, and to our ambitious mission to affect personal and systemic change. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for these commitments and for our actions and words by engaging with, reporting back to, and seeking feedback from one another, our community partners, our clients, and our board of directors.  

Adaptability/Inclusivity: Because of our differences, we seek out and value everyone’s individual contributions regardless of status or tenure. We also acknowledge our own as well as our peers’ humanity. We go about our work with empathy, flexibility, and honesty, acknowledging societal and workplace pressures, differing capabilities and experiences, and power dynamics and imbalances. 

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