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A tactical approach to building cultural agility and diversifying organizational strategies.

These training sessions are designed to impact employee retention, problem solving and crisis management, inter-workgroup relationships, and so much more. We cater our trainings to your needs,

whatever they may be. 


Participatory scenario-based sessions designed to help you be an advocate in real time.

Developed on college and university campuses around the USA,

these activity-based lessons provide opportunities

to focus on in-the-moment interventions. 

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Addressing the needs of the community: students, staff, and parents.

By using a comprehensive approach to anti-bias education,

this program is built especially for those

making an impact on today's youth. 

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Do you want to do more? 

Allies & Advocates training teaches you the tools to offer support and intervention to those who are experiencing hate, bias, or prejudice. We will empower you to listen and respond with courage. 


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