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Submit a Resource

When you submit something for consideration as a resource on Diversity Council’s site, please consider the following, which are our criteria for selection:
Criteria for selecting resources to include:

  • Does it connect individuals to a viable service or information related to civic, health, or educational equity?

    • Who is likely to benefit from this resource?

    • Who is likely to be excluded from the benefit?   

  • Does it provide solid information relevant to a specific resource category?

    •         Is it foundational; did it clarify or advance your knowledge?

    •         Does it reframe or expand on common understanding?

    •         Will it foster introspection and dialog?

  • What type of resource is it?

    • What audience and reading level is it targeting?

    • Can it be accessed without fees, restrictions, or registration?

    • If it is opinion or editorial, is it written from the first-person point of view, capturing lived experience?

    • If strictly factual, is it written professionally?

    • Does it present data and information in a clear, concise, and navigable manner?

  • Is it credible, timely, and pertinent?

    • What is the source? Identify and validate author(s), research funders, publishing entity, and sponsoring entities.

    • Is it current and timely? Identify publishing date, research, and cited resource dates.

    • Is there newer, more relevant information or does it stand on its own merits?

    • Does it pertain to the nonprofit/public service sphere?

    • What are the stated viewpoints, perspectives, and affiliations of the source?

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