"In the course of the last three years as classes have moved through, now all students have had an opportunity to benefit from this curriculum. In my estimation this has drastically reduced the number of incidents of harassment, racism, and fighting within our building. It used to be weekly that I would get a report of such behavior, now it is less than once every several months!!"

"The video was great! It opened a lot of eyes (mine included!) Information presented was relevant and pertinent to this grade level. Great job!"  ~ Fourth grade teacher


This initiative takes a comprehensive approach to anti-bias education by providing programming that addresses the needs of the entire school community: students, staff, and parents.



Educators receive training in unconscious bias, cultural awareness, and the use of inclusive language, as well as in the delivery of inclusion programming to support student development in the classroom.


Administration & Support Staff

Administrators, board members, and community liaisons take a systems approach to diversity and inclusion that focuses on equitable achievement, addressing structural racism, and stakeholder empowerment.



Parents, guardians, and other family members develop the knowledge and skills to support their students in their path towards growth, achievement, and self-advocacy.



Students in grades K-12 gain knowledge, skills, and tools to become global citizens, with a focus on self-advocacy, anti-bullying and anti-discrimination, and peer-to-peer delivery.

"As a teacher I’m not afraid to dive in and work with kids on diversity issues.  Before I probably would have avoided discussing it. The Diversity Council has given me tools to use, and the courage to use it.  AND they give the kids a process to use."

We tailor our training to the needs of your organization, whether it's healthcare, retail, service industry, public service and more, we can relate to your specific field of business.
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