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Students who have completed the training serve as mentors to new participants and as youth leaders for the middle school Peacemaker Day Camps.



Community Outreach

After classroom training is completed, participants plan and organize community outreach events. Projects have included:


  • Humans of Rochester: Photos and interviews with diverse people of Rochester posted on Instagram.

  • "In My Shoes": A school assembly at which students who have been bullied share their personal stories. This event, which was held several times, had a moving  impact on other students.


  • Community-wide film screenings followed by discussion.


  • Lobbying for the anti-bullying law at the State Capitol.


  • "I Won't Stand For..." poster campaign

Student Leaders Creating Change (SLCC) is an after school anti-bullying program that gives high school students the skills and confidence to stand up to bullying and heal the hurts.


What students are saying about SLCC


“I myself was bullied in elementary and middle school, and I don’t want that for anyone.” ~Precious


“After being hospitalized twice in three years for suicide attempts, ultimately due to bullying, I am so passionate about this. I’m tired of just talking about it. I actually want to do something.” ~Laura


“I wanted to actually do something to stop bullying, rather than people sitting around saying it should be stopped.”  ~Shreya


“Seeing bullying had become an everyday occurrence in our schools. The little things made big impacts on people… I knew those were tragedies that could’ve been prevented.” ~Sanober


“I learned how to help people report bullying and make them feel like they have someone there for them. I also learned how to intervene when people are being bullied in a way that people won’t be too offended.”  ~Shreya


“I learned how to be a leader who stands up against what is wrong.”  ~Sanober


“This experience opened my eyes. It was truly changing.”  ~Laura


“It changed the way I have conversations with people. I listen more and put more effort into understanding their opinions. I pay more attention to bullying incidents and intervene more. I need to see things from other people’s point of view and try to understand where they’re coming from.”  ~Precious


“I am more aware of the bullying around me, and I feel more comfortable trying to stop it.”  ~Shreya


“I watch more for bullying and I feel more confident about stepping in.”  ~Katie


For more information about SLCC, contact info@diversitycouncil.org.