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Program Goals
  • Understand how our biases and prejudices lead to different forms of discrimination against historically marginalized and vulnerable groups.

  • Learn how to properly prevent discriminating behavior and safely intervene during bias incidents.

  • Work collectively towards creating inclusive and welcoming spaces within our learning environments and beyond.

Program Format

Length of Program:

  • Full academic year for high school programs

  • One semester or full year for colleges and universities

Program Components:

Part 1 – Students engage in training and learning around equity and inclusion.

Part 2 – Students coordinate and implement a community service project to build inclusivity within the school.

What is Student Leaders Creating Change (SLCC)?
Student Leaders Creating Change (SLCC) is a student-led experience, formed to make schools safer, more inclusive places, with the mission of decreasing bias incidents and encouraging participation through creative leadership.
Who is SLCC for?
SLCC is designed for high school and college students.  Our program serves to instill courage and empower students to build communities where everyone is accepted regardless of any identity.

I learned that bias has a huge effect on others and that one single word can mean many things to different people.

    -  Mayo HS Student

“I am going to change my own words and stand up for others and be there when they need me.“

    -  Mayo HS Student

Thanks to the work that the Diversity Council has done with Rochester Community & Technical College, we were able to have a really robust group of young people come together and talk through what positive, inclusive, and welcoming change looks like on this campus.”

    -  Chao Mwatela, Multicultural Advisor at RCTC

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Heidi Wilkins

Outreach and K-16 Education