How to Take Ownership of your Equity Education

November 21, 2017

White Privilege. Implicit Bias. Microagression. Systemic Racism. Historical Trauma. Affirmative Action. ADA Compliance. Gender Inequality. With so much to consider and so very many opinions, it is difficult to identify legitimate information and resources for personal growth when it comes to human equity. Here are some links to consider as you relax over the holidays. Make it a time of discovery!




The Ford Foundation is on the leading edge of so many issues related to race, privilege, and equity. This is an insightful article by Atila Roque that will make you think.


Huffpost puts some folks on the defensive, but it delivers some powerful knock-outs, too. This article is provoking on many levels.


Here is one from the Root that is packed with data and contextual dialog. Facts are facts.


And, thank you to Stone Circle Press for this bit of basic talk on cultural appropriation.



Structural Racism


So many issues with our public education system. And so many ways that racism and segregation are perpetuated in our schools. This is from Fresh Air on NPR and worth your time. What happens to those who cannot escape schools that are failing them?

The Root, again. This time a look at our Criminal Justice system. Think about how it developed, who it serves, and where the money trail leads as you read this one.

Afropunk offers this short article about how difficult it is to progress on systemic inequities, even with science behind you. Follow the links throughout the article – great perspectives!


We will close this out with as video from the Root. We have to understand how deeply policing is rooted in systemic racism if we are going to repair it. We need to develop the public will to alter our approach to law enforcement from one of militarized suppression to one of equitable protection.



Hate & Bias


Thank you to Vox for this article on how our behaviors out us in terms of racism and egocentrism. The more you know about implicit bias, the better.



Poverty and Powerlessness


Kudos to the Colorado Springs Independent for this piece. Issues of poverty are complex and require multilateral solutions.


Vox, again with this strong piece on that same complexity and its lasting impacts.


Thank you to Rochester Forward for taking a look at the issue of affordable housing right here in our city. Many are working on this and ALL are necessary if it is going to be addressed in an equitable and effective way.



One final suggestion: this awesome reading list that will make you a smarter, more grounded human being.


We at The Diversity Council are grateful to all of our stakeholders for their continued commitment to equity!

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