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Racial Attitudes & Actions Survey

The Diversity Council first collaborated with a community task force in 1990 to survey local attitudes toward race.


In 2006, a second survey was conducted in partnership with Luther College. The 2006 survey duplicated many questions from the original survey in order to accurately measure how attitudes have changed over time. This latter survey also included additional questions focusing on immigration, and on actions as well as attitudes.


A third survey was conducted in 2016 in partnership with Luther College. It was shortened somewhat to encourage an increased response rate, but otherwise duplicated the 2006 survey.

1990 Rochester Area Racial Attitudes Survey Report


2006 Olmsted County Racial Attitudes & Actions Survey


Summary Report

Presentation to Community (PowerPoint presentation with data charts)

2016 Olmsted County Racial Attitudes & Actions Survey Report



Please note: If you would like to replicate the Racial Attitudes Survey in your community, please contact the Diversity Council for permission: info@diversitycouncil.org.