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Project HEALINGS (Health Education and Adult Learning Incorporated with Navigating Government Systems) is a collective dedicated to improving health and wellness among Minnesotans disenfranchised by identity and circumstance, facing disparities in both healthcare access and health outcomes. HEALINGS is about health equity, but it is also about connectivity, trust, and systemic evolution designed intentionally to eradicate inequities for Black, Indigenous, and other persons of color living here.


Project HEALINGS: Intersection of Food, Culture, and Health, the current initiative, combines research expertise from a team at the University of Minnesota with HEALINGS unique reach into racial and ethnic communities around the state of Minnesota. It will explore significant nutrition and health-related disparities among minority population groups.  


Through this phase of its work, Project HEALINGS will increase awareness of health disparities related to food insecurity in communities of color in metropolitan, micropolitan, and rural settings. Through strong partnerships, this phase of HEALINGS will:  

  • Increase the effectiveness of community engagement strategies and practices 

  • Advance inclusive involvement in Community Health Assessment processes by disenfranchised populations 

  • Inform statewide efforts toward health equity with data and recommendations specific to marginalized populations outside of major metropolitan areas.  

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