New Immigrant Refugee Visions

What is New Immigrant Refugee Visions (NIRV)?

After hosting a viewing and discussion on October 26, 2018, The Diversity Council and Rochester Public Schools Community Education have purchased viewing rights to several short films created by new immigrants and refugees in the United States. 


We share these films with our community to amplify their insider perspectives on the challenges that immigrants face and the contributions they make to American culture, economy, and social fabric.

Why it matters

Immigration, refugees, and immigration policy are critical issues for many American communities.  We share the belief that in order for people from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds to make responsible and equitable decisions about their communities, they need to learn about each other’s experiences, concerns and needs.


CSFilm is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to stories rooted in local perspectives often under-represented in the media. 

Want to learn more?

Email about showing in the Rochester community.

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