The Human Library, developed by the World Culture Center in Denmark, allows people to check out human "books" for a unique learning experience.


Personal stories are one of the most effective ways of learning, and research has demonstrated that personal contact is also one of the most effective ways of breaking down stereotypes and prejudices.

The "books" on our shelves have volunteered to share their stories in order to build understanding in our community. They will give you the opportunity to ask questions you always wanted to ask, but were afraid of getting too personal.

What is our Human Library?

The Human Library of Southeastern Minnesota educates people using human experience,

cultivating empathy in such a manner that differences, barriers, and prejudice fall away; we expose and nurture the spirit of humankind by

building common understanding and connections.


What is a Human Book?

A Human Book is a perfectly flawed person

sharing how their life experience has been

affected by bias, prejudice and discrimination.


A Human Book is not a storyteller. A Human Book does not “represent” a group. A Human Book is a

conversation starter – bringing human stories to life.

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