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Training & Consultation

EquityLogic™ for Human Systems

Our EquityLogic™ training modules are designed for an organization’s specific intercultural and inclusion needs. We describe EquityLogic™ as:  

        A tactical approach to building cultural agility and diversifying organizational          strategies in workgroups of all sizes. These pieces of training are designed to
        impact: workgroups and productivity, inter-workgroup cooperation, 
        organizational innovation, adaptability, problem-solving, and crisis
        management, talent pool diversification, employee retention, customer/client
        satisfaction, cross-organizational collaboration, and market penetration. 

In working with organizations and public entities, training will focus on issues most important to the organization. Every training we offer is tailored to your time and logistical needs, based on assessment and input and customized to fit your equity learning goals.   

Our Approach 

As a continuation of the process, our team stays connected with your team of professionals to support the development of inclusionary goals. We bring tools, context, and passion to our work as well as a dedication to nurturing the efforts of those who wish to forward equity and inclusion.  

Diversity Council encourages consultation with each client where we gain a further understanding of your organizational goals. During this time, you will also be able to learn more about Diversity Council and our efforts to create equitable spaces. 

Proposal and Development
Diversity Council works to ensure each client receives customized training, workshops, and program pathways. Diversity Council will put together potential proposals to meet your organizational needs. Proposals range in length, price, and services offered.

Delivery and Continued Conversations
Alongside our services, Diversity Council commits to maintaining our relationships with our clients. We will continuously collect data to aid in your organizations' diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys. This may also consist of future recommendations. 

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