Winona State University


Eighteen sessions were presented to WSU staff over the course of a year, addressing a broad range of topics.


Trent Dernbach, Student Success & Career Advisor

While I had taken a cultural/diversity counseling course in my graduate program, I think that my biggest challenge was not knowing more about other areas of diversity, such as religion and disability.  This program really helped me gain that additional knowledge.


The experience was fantastic--it was very nice to be in a truly safe environment where we were free to discuss the topics without fear of being judged.  It was nice to also get a lot of great insight from my colleagues.


I think what changed the most for me was the ability to actually talk about these subjects much more openly.  I also feel like that my knowledge I came into the sessions with was reinforced, but I also gained new knowledge about the other areas of diversity that I was not as familiar with.  In terms of what has changed in the workplace... I think just being more aware of differences and similarities of my students and colleagues has made me better at my job, as well as enjoying it more.


I would highly recommend the Diversity Council's training, as they are very good at making the topics relevant to each person's and/or organization's level of knowledge and experience of the various areas of diversity, making the sessions very welcoming, open, interactive, and informative.


WSU also applauded the training in a news article published on their website

Gibbs Elementary School


Four sessions were presented to Gibbs staff, focusing chiefly on race and developing an action plan to promote integration and equity among students.


Chad Schroeder, Principal

The trainings were engaging and reflective. They allowed me, as a leader, to engage, sustain and deepen the inter-racial dialogue about race, racial identity, opportunity, and institutional racism for the purposes of examining schooling and improving student achievement.


The activities and skills that were presented during the trainings allowed myself and other participants to interact in different ways so that conversation did happen in multiple formats andsettings (one:one, videos with reflection afterwards, games/simulations, and small and/or large group discussion).  


The trainings impact me every minute of every day. Race is a part of everyone’s daily life from the words we say and the actions and relationships we develop. Change happens over a period of time. Conversations have started to change and how we look at data and schooling are changing. Incremental change is occurring, we would just need it to continue.


 The trainings allow for the conversation to happen and continue.  Becoming the Solution (now EquityLogic) provided trainers who were educated and fluent in presenting the material to our audience. Becoming the Solution also was very flexible and adapted the material to best meet the needs of our site.




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