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A tactical approach to building cultural agility and diversifying organizational strategies.


What is EquityLogicTM?
EquityLogicTM offers customized training and professional consultation for workgroups of all sizes.  As part of the process, our team of professionals connects with your team and focuses on goals and aspirations that fit your future.  We bring tools, context, and passion to our work as well as a track record of documented successes.
Who is EquityLogicTM for?
All modules are available customized for three audiences: nonprofits, small businesses, and large organizatioins.  We also have supplementary trainings on a variety of equity topics, and tailor all trainings to your needs, whatever they may be.

Our Curriculum

Series 2

3 Levels

Basic Intercultural Acuity

Instruction and activities focus on unique facets of human culture and how they present and are interpreted in the workplace. Participants identify their own cultural norms and contrast with those of others, with consideration of the precept of worldview.

Series 1

3 Levels

Inclusivity: Core Elements of Proficiency

An organizational assessment followed by training that presents and analyzes the human identity spectrum, provides interactive instruction and dialog around bias and identity, and provides tools for impacting workplace dynamics in intentional ways.


1 Session

Equity Level-Set

Preparatory team building around shared language, definitions, and knowledge of equity and inclusion and the unique attributes and challenges of your market.

Series 4

8 Levels

Systems of Power (Prerequisite training required)

Team-based exploration of how systems of power are designed, adapted, and perpetuated. Instruction focuses on how social and political structures award honor and privilege to some while systematically disadvantaging others. Histories of domination and oppression will be explained with insights into how they continue to operate.

Series 3

3 Levels

Common Language: Modulating for Impact

Values-based interactive training that develops norms for workplace communication and increases awareness of barriers to organizational integrity and connectivity. Includes exploration of intent vs impact, ladder of inference, and reflective listening.

Intercultural Development Inventory®

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (“IDI”) assesses intercultural competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. The assessment is delivered online and takes 30 to 45 minutes per individual to complete.


The IDI® is delivered and assessed by one of Diversity Council's Qualified Administrators with current credentials. Results can be delivered to individuals through a report generated from their personal responses. The IDI® process can also produce group, subgroup, and organizational intercultural competence reports.  

IDI Logo.png

Upon completion, these reports, along with interviews or focus groups, can be utilized to identify cross-cultural goals and challenges that translate into specific inclusion strategies, as well as building Individual Development Plans.

By completing your Individual Development Plan, you can:

  • Gain insights concerning intercultural challenges you are facing and identify intercultural competence development goals that are important for you, 

  • Gain increased understanding of how your Developmental Orientation impacts how you perceive and respond to cultural differences and commonalities, and 

  • Identify and engage in targeted, developmental efforts that increase your intercultural competence in bridging across diverse communities. 

For more information about the IDI®, visit their website: 

What happens next?

Two unique processes
EquityLogicTM offers two processes to continue organization development in addition to our main curriculum:
  1. Advancing Organizational AgilityBuilding on the core tenets identified Series 1-3, these sessions provide tactics specific to organizational goals and metrics by fortifying interpersonal and group trust. 
  2. Structuring for Enduring Equity: Consulting includes an in-depth organizational aptitude appraisal, policy review and recommendation options, facility evaluation, and community engagement analysis. 

Our Delivery Team

Our team of facilitators is ready to help your team navigate toward building and retaining a more flexible workforce and a more inclusive work environment!

Testimonials & Contact


After going to this session I have a lot more confidence in standing up for what I believe in.  

    - Participant from Winona State University 

I really appreciated the mindset and ladder of inference exercises. The information and activities were good reminders for dealing with people, listening and being mindful of creating a level playing field with clients. The activities really made me rethink and be honest with myself and led to great discussion.  

    - Participant from Zumbro Valley Health Center

“This session with Ivonne was deeply beneficial.  I learned about myself and others and took tools away that I will use in my everyday workplace.”  

    - Participant from Winona State University


Kylie Bartz

Education & Communication Specialist