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Equity Audits & Assessments

An Equity Audit is a comprehensive benchmarking tool that assesses diversity, equity, and inclusion within an organization. Diversity Council works in conjunction with client stakeholders to determines the audit scope, implement the audit process, and review recommendations based on findings. This prepares an organization to develop, revise, or extend a diversity or equity plan.


The audit process, useful for entities in all sectors and of all sizes, incorporates both quantitative and qualitative data to measure the organization's current culture and climate, the accessibility of the organization, and stakeholder participation within a defined scope of work. The purpose is to establish an equity baseline for the organization and a foundation for doing equity work.   

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Diversity Council's process includes determining a scope of work that suits the organization and its current needs as well as forecasting future opportunities. Equity Audits are broader in scope than Assessments, incorporating deeper analysis of the organization's external ecosystem. Both Equity Audits and Equity Assessments include some level of

  • policy review,

  • leadership interviews,

  • external interviews/focus groups,

  • employee survey/assessment,

  • internal focus groups,

  • environmental scan (demographics of geography served),

  • review and analysis of existing data, and

  • facilities/site review.


On completion, the organization is provided an Audit Report that outlines actionable steps recommended to address identified issues and opportunities. Recommendations are tailored to the organization's size and the audit scope. For example, a multi-year training matrix, a policy revision schedule, and community engagement strategies may be included..  An estimated 6-8 weeks are necessary to complete the assessment. 

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