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The Diversity Council is committed to growing equitable communities.  Having equitable communities means understanding the systematic reasons why inequity exists.  One concept that allows us to study our current systems is Critical Race Theory. This legal theory studies and analyzes the impact of systemic racism on the American legal system and institutions with the goal of eliminating these inequities.  The Diversity Council supports the application Critical Race Theory where appropriate.


Opponents of Critical Race Theory believe this concept is being taught in the K-12 public schools even though it is designed for post-secondary education study.  Some opponents may consider any diversity, equity, and inclusion curriculum or program to be an example of critical race theory.


At the Diversity Council, we believe in the power of education and its positive impact in learning and changing systems.  We have compiled resources for you to learn about this topic including what opponents are saying.

Critical Race Theory Resources

What is Critical Race Theory?

What is Critical Race Theory?:


A Lesson in Critical Race Theory:


Critical Race Theory:  Experts Break Down What It Really Means (video):  Critical race theory: Experts break down what it actually means


Answering Your Questions about Critical Race Theory (video):  WATCH: Answering your questions on critical race theory


Understanding Critical Race Theory, Part 1 (podcast):

What Opponents are Saying?


Critical Race Theory:  The Concept Dividing the US:


What is Critical Race Theory and Why is It Under Attack:


What is Critical Race Theory and Why are States Banning it? (video):  What is critical race theory and why are states banning it?


Uncovering Who is Driving the Fight Against Critical Race Theory (podcast):

Other Resources


How Educators and School Leaders Can Commit to Racial Equity in this School Year:

Statement from Minnesota Education Equity Partnership's Carlos Mariana Rosa.


National Education Association (NEA) Racial Justice in Education Framework:



This podcast series from NBC News chronicles the story of a Texas town's reaction to a racist student video and the backlash to the school's Cultural Competence Action Plan.

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