Success Stories in Community Anti-Bias Work

We hear so much in the news about prejudice and discrimination, but little about the other side of the coin. What about all the people who cared enough to invest their time in trying to change the way the world sees and thinks?


Dr. Char Kunkel, professor of sociology at Luther College, was awarded a grant to spend her sabbatical researching all the work that is being done in our area to fight prejudice and promote the dignity of every human being. The stories she discovered are collected here.


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Sample Story: The African American Registry 

Using the internet and social media, the Registry puts information about black heritage, the humanity of the black experience, and the vast contributions to society by African Americans just “a click away.”


Founder and Executive Director Benjamin Mchie is a Speech Communication graduate from Long Beach State University with a 35-year career directing and producing video and film.  Although he worked on several Emmy-winning productions, and money and travel were in abundance, he found he wanted something more out of life.  In pursuit of that “something more,” he, his brother, and a friend began developing content for the Registry.  After a year and a half of research, during which they found a fact about African Americans corresponding to every day of the year, they launched the African American Registry in 2000. 


The core of the Registry website features a calendar-based collection of events and historic figures in black history.  The database can be searched by keyword, birthdate, name, or event. 


In 2005 Mchie began using his media production skills to record and preserve video narratives, in order “to give words to the thoughts and feelings people have through the black experience.”  The concise, thoughtful narratives document first person accounts of individuals’ factual experiences, perspectives, and visions.  Drawing on the oral tradition that is the trademark of black people, “The Black Box” section of the website features Mchie’s growing collection of video narratives.


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