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Listen. Learn. Act.
Options for Everyone

Programs & Resources

Interactive scenario-based training for community members

The session provides tools and tactics to interrupt bias and hate through effective de-escalation, respectful intervention,

and social accountability.

Commitment to Racial Justice Logo.png

Signers of the Commitment to Action toward Racial Justice stand in solidarity with those who seek justice and racial equity.

We commit to listen, learn, and act to address policies and practices, connect resources and organizations, and build capacity to promote social and economic mobility.

Community Initiatives

New Immigrant Refugee Visions (NIRV)

A series of videos featuring the voices of immigrants and refugees. The perfect opportunity to LISTEN. 

Human Library
SE Minnesota 

HLSMn Logo working.png

Connect with someone with a different lived experience. The perfect opportunity to LEARN. 

Community Mobilization Resource Coalition

Join this coalition of individuals and organizations engaged in changing systems. A perfect opportunity to ACT. 

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