What is the Community Mobilization Resource Coaltion (CMRC)?

The Community Mobilization Resource Coalition (CMRC) works to change power dynamics to create a community where all people participate and benefit equitably.  CMRC provides a platform to create equitable access to community resources and civic involvement by expanding capacity for diverse communities in Rochester, MN, serving as a bridge to community integration, and developing public policy and social contract through diverse perspectives.

How the coalition works


CMRC’s monthly meetings are dedicated to building trust and relationship, allowing the opportunity for representatives of each community to share their strengths and voice their concerns. The coalition then uses asset- and solution-based approaches to consider petitions from different regional initiatives seeking more diverse input. Petitions that best align with each community’s interests and concerns are selected by consensus. CMRC members collaborate on engagement strategies for the populations they represent, bringing key voices into community building efforts.


The coalition is composed of representatives from marginalized population groups who receive training and compensation for their work. Through this initiative, minority communities grow diverse leaders in a shared leadership model and activate their constituencies to engage in civic activity. Participants benefit from skill building and networking and develop strengths they can apply in a variety of leadership roles; they become integrated in community development efforts, bringing their unique competencies to institutions and systems. The result is a change in power dynamics in the region.

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