Can Do Kids and Can Do Teens training is about a model of learning based on the idea that intelligence can be built. All children are born with certain gifts, but through hard work and the right mindsets and habits, they can learn to succeed in areas that don't come as easily to them, and continue to develop and grow in what does come more naturally.


Parents are a part of this process.  The Can Do Kids workshops change the way you help your child learn and help you change your child’s attitudes about learning. Changing old mindsets and habits can unlock your child's full potential, no matter what level they are currently at!


Can Do Kids workshops will be offered through Community Ed. Find a workshop in the Community Ed catalog or contact us at 282-9951 to find out when the next session will be.

"I wish I had this training when my children were in school. I will try to incorporate the concepts I learned with my grandchildren."

"Looking forward to more rewarding interactive sessions with our son."


"Gives a great deal of hope for all children."

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