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What is Bystander to Upstander?
 Bystander to Upstander sessions are participatory, scenario-based workshops that provide opportunities for individuals to learn about and practice responses to incidents they might encounter in business, on campus, and in their daily lives.  Unlike traditional diversity training, these activity-based workshops focus on real-time interventions.
Program Goals & Format

With roots in interactivity, common language, and group exercises, our programs aim to:​

  • Create safe spaces to discuss hate/bias incidences in our challenging social and cultural climate;

  • Provide skills and tactics for safe and effective engagement in social interactions

  • Offer resources and organizing tools for continued advancement of anti-bias work; and

  • Instill a new decision-making paradigm based on one's own skills rather than relying on instinct. 

Going Beyond Our Sessions y

Bystander to Upstander Toolkits extend the program to the entire workforce through a peer-delivered methodology through interactive materials and resources. Our virtual kits include group activities, engagement resources, educational links, and online community forums. The toolkit is continually refreshed and responsive to participant needs and inquiries.

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