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Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. Thank you for volunteering with the Diversity Council on Allies & Advocates. 



Volunteer Roles


Environmental Scanning

A commitment of 2 – 4 hours a week to update resource lists, keeping events and activities, local agencies and services, and other trusted information sources current. Works in cooperation with DC staff and RPL librarian. Requires good Internet navigation skills and ability to commit daytime hours. Work can be completed from home or at DC offices.


Relationship Management

A commitment of 2-4 hours per week to managing data input and call backs. Works from intake and outcome forms to capture activities of volunteers and reconnects with requesters to ensure that outcomes are acceptable.


Compassionate Listening

The primary focus of Allies & Advocates is to build human bonds by listening without judgment, validating feelings, and providing strength. The goal of the program is to have a personal contact within 24-hours to establish a human connection. Commitment varies depending on the volume of requests and accessibility of volunteers. Volunteers will receive training and have access to ongoing coaching. Space and a phone are always available in the DC offices, though work can be done from anywhere.


Thoughtful Referral

The secondary focus of Allies & Advocates, is to address human needs by establishing connections between requesters and pertinent information, services, and activities. At no time is a volunteer expected to assume responsibilities beyond their skills or any expense related to their relationship with a requester. Allies & Advocates is a conduit between individuals and existing resources. Commitment varies depending on the scope of needs expressed by the requestor. Volunteers are expected to work in safe environments.





We will hold hour-long training sessions for Allies & Advocates the first week in December. We will cover active listening, making referral decisions, and the use of reporting forms. Volunteers will also be asked to review and sign an agreement. We want everyone who wishes to be involved in this community response program to find their comfort zone; this training will help you do that.  There are five options to choose from for your training time:


Training Schedule



Please email with the date and time that you plan to attend.



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