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What is Allies & Advocates?
Allies & Advocates is an interactive, scenario-based training that provides individuals with the opportunity to learn about and practice responses to incidents they may encounter in their daily lives. The session provides tools and tactics to interrupt bias and hate through effective de-escalation, respectful intervention, and social accountability.
Program Goals
  • Increase understanding of implicit bias and micro-aggressions; 

  • Provide tools and tactics for safe and effective intervention when witnessing bias and discrimination incidents; and 

  • Build skills through scenario-based practice to help participants become better allies. 


Allies & Advocates builds context and understanding of how and why bias works and what it looks like if you witness it within your community.

Two Core Components

This training focuses primarily on establishing common language and tactics and running scenarios based on real-life interactions. The group exercises provide opportunities for individuals to work through incidents with peer coaching and continual dialog, building a repertoire of responses.


Most critically, this training emphasizes that being an ally requires action, and it is a choice to remain a passive bystander. A trained individual can no longer rely on simple instinct, but must choose whether or not to intervene, knowing that they have the skills to act effectively. Scenario cards, response tip cards, and professional assistance are provided in these authentic skill-building sessions.

Image by Nina Strehl
Our Bootcamp

Allies & Advocates Bootcamp is participatory scenario-based instruction that provides opportunities for individuals to learn about and practice responses to incidents they might encounter in their daily lives. The sessions include tips and tactics for de-escalation, passive intervention, and reporting on behalf of a victim or intended victim while avoiding confrontation with an aggressor.  

Upcoming dates for public training sessions will be posted in our newsletter and on our Facebook page.

Do you need an ally?

Allies & Advocates offers a safe and compassionate listener to individuals experiencing heightened anxiety, uncertainty, or incidents of hate/bias in this challenging social and cultural climate. 

Do you need someone to talk to? Contact us and we'll connect you with a trained volunteer who can offer compassionate listening, resources, and referrals.


Kylie Bartz

Education & Communication Specialist