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Equitable and inclusive communities, where all individuals are empowered, conscientious, and courageous. 

Civic Equity 
Civic equity is the realization of a society where all individuals receive equitable access to resources, protections, and opportunities. Each person enjoys: (a) equal treatment under law, both through law enforcement and the judicial system; (b) equitable access to and
representation in the political process; and (c) equal opportunity to engage in the design of and benefit from inclusive public policy.

Educational Equity 
Educational equity exists when all individuals are fully prepared for the roles of their choice, regardless of personal or social circumstances. Educational equity requires systems of support that result in full access to opportunities that lead to personal growth.

Health Equity 
Health equity is the attainment of the highest level of well-being for all individuals, regardless of personal or social determinants of health. Health equity requires the social, economic, and environmental conditions that result in full access to opportunities that lead to healthy lives.


We accomplish our goals by:

  • Identifying, analyzing, and publicizing issues and opportunities through outreach, print, and web resources;

  • Brokering action by facilitating dialogue and convening collaborative workgroups.

  • Operating programs that support leaders who will not only be successful in current systems, but also change systems.

  • Educating youth and adults through trainings, consultations, and arts and cultural activities.

All of our work is grounded in current research and theory as well as best practices in our field. Thirty years of experience and a reputation for excellence have established us as one of Minnesota’s leaders in diversity and equity. The world is changing. We are building a spirit of equity at the heart of that transformation.

Our Goals

The Diversity Council began in 1989 as Building Equality Together (BET) when the leadership of Rochester Public Schools recognized the need to combat racism and discrimination in our schools. School district staff worked with community leaders to form an independent nonprofit organization to meet this need.


Since that time, the Diversity Council's focus has grown to include not only students, but people of every age; not just race, but age, socioeconomic class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical & mental disabilities, and the full spectrum of human difference.


The Diversity Council is a catalyst and convener, creating environments that allow every person the opportunity to reach their full potential. In our work we transform organizations, empower adults and youth to act as change makers, equip and mobilize nontraditional leaders, and galvanize equity work in the region.

We measure success in terms of progress, not by prescribing what changes should occur, but by compelling strategic and effective action on key issues affecting individuals, groups, and communities.

EEO Policy

Diversity Council EEO policies prohibit all forms of discrimination or harassment against applicants, employees, vendors, contractors, or volunteers on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, disability, sex, age, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, veteran status, genetic information, status with regard to public assistance, or any other reason prohibited by law. 


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