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Important Updates

Thank you

Diversity Council has been in the Rochester community for over 30 years with support for staff, volunteers, organizations, and residents of the area. Thank you for your support over the past 30+ years!

While Diversity Council is moving forward with developing a plan for dissolution, we'd like to encourage folks to remember the impact Diversity Council has made on the community through impactful staff and volunteers. 


*This timeline is not completed with all of the work, projects, initiatives, or impacts Diversity Council has had in the last 30+ years, but rather serves as a general overview of highlights.

Additional Resources

Although Diversity Council is moving forward with a plan of dissolution, we encourage individuals, organizations, and communities to continue the important work with their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 

There are many talented, impactful, and knowledgeable DEI consultants in the area. Individuals we would encourage you to reach out to for inquiries include: 
Eve Mayer
Diversity Crew
DEI training and speaking

Tawonda Burks

Credit Restoration
Tawonda Burks
Grow Outsourcing

Virtual assistant services
Rajeeb Rath

Bookkeeping and controller services for nonprofits
Deneene Graham Consulting, LLC

Grant writing, coaching and training
Emmright LLC
Ayodeji Emmanuel Oyebola

Training and development
Process and improvement

Technology management
MindShifts LLC
Sidney Frye II 
Organizational Culture
Organization DEI

HomeGrown LLC
Nicole Andrews & Catherine Davis
DEI training, coaching, and support IDI Qualified Administrator, E-12 Education, Higher Ed

Martine Haglund
IDI® Qualified Administrator, DEI Specialist, Restorative Practice Trainer

Kylie Bartz
DEI training and development, facilitation, and communications

Sara Louise Henry, MSW. LSW
IDI® Qualified Administrator, DEI Specialist

Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara, MS
DEI Expert and communication

Shavana Talbert, MS
DEI training, coaching, and support IDI Qualified Administrator, K-12 Education, Higher Ed adjunct professor

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