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"I highly recommend this training for all companies to train their employees. It really helps teach steps for speaking out effectively."

~Workshop participant, Cardinal of MN


"Much more than I expected. I actually brought outside work to occupy my time while “listening” to another training lecture. I see now that it was unnecessary, and I am grateful."

~Workshop participant, Cardinal of MN





Becoming the Solution


Corporate Diversity Training


We've all heard it before: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Prejudice, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, age discrimination, lack of cultural understanding... these pervasive issues cost businesses in lost productivity, lawsuits, and missed sales. The bottom line? Your bottom line is affected! The Diversity Council's professional diversity training package helps your staff become part of the solution.




The objective of "Becoming the Solution" is to train your staff to work together as a close-knit, high-performing team that is able to make better decisions and find innovative solutions to complex problems. A workforce with these skills will position your business as an employer of choice.

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"Becoming the Solution" offers an extensive selection of sessions designed to both enrich knowledge and guide participants in applying that knowledge in the workplace. Workshop Overviews


Becoming the Solution small group discussion


Assessing Cultural Competence: IDI

The Diversity Council is also licensed to administer the IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory), the world's premier intercultural competence assessment tool. We work with you to use the IDI to analyze individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses and determine what training will best meet your needs.




Our corporate trainers representing the broad spectrum of diversity in our community have received 32 hours of training, in addition to regular evaluation and skill development. Meet our trainers


Becoming the Solution trainer with client



From this flexible curriculum, choose the topics that meet your needs, the number and length of workshops, and level of content, whether your staff is new to diversity training or looking to build on a knowledge base. We'll meet with you to help evaluate your needs and design a program just for you.






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