Bias/Hate Crime & Incident Team



The Bias/Hate Crime & Incident Team (BHCIT) is a group of local leaders who guide the Rochester area community's response to hate crime. Part of their work is recruiting and training volunteers to serve as Bias/Hate Crime & Incident Responders, who provide support to victims.


Have you been a victim of a hate crime? Contact one of the following individuals to be connected with the response team.


Kay Hocker

Diversity Council Executive Director

(507) 282-9951


Jeanne Ronayne

Olmsted County Victim Services

(507) 328-7271



BHCIT Charge & Beliefs



Bias Crime Incident Reports

You can follow case outcomes for those incidents where there has been an arrest and a file number has been assigned. 

2013 Incidents

2012 Incidents

2011 Incidents

2010 Incidents

2009 Incidents